Some people may find it hard to believe that men need dating advice more than women do. For whatever reason, while most women feel less or no pressure at all, some men feel tense and awkward when they go on dates. If you are one of those men who have no idea on how to make a good impression on first dates, then our dating advice for guys can help you. Read more about Men’s Axis

The first date needs to be really special to win a second one. Most of the time, first impressions do last. The best dating advice for guys is to do everything to keep your date from being bored. Strike a conversation first. When it comes to dating, men are expected to lead. Ask her what her what kind of movies, music, or food interests her. One good dating advice for guys when it comes to conversing with your date: please answer her with more than a yes or a no. Women hate that. Besides, it will only make you seem witless. Of course, she will not want to do all the talking, so tell her some things about yourself too. Have a nice and steady flow of exchange of information between the two of you.

One very important dating advice for guys is to refrain from trying too hard to impress your date. Most women can see through that kind of attitude. An age-old yet still very effective dating advice for guys is to act the way you normally do around a woman you respect and care about. Never lie about yourself or pretend to be someone you are not as it may cause some serious relationship problems in the future.

Nothing turns a woman off faster than a guy who is in love with himself. Show her that you are smart, confident, and interesting without sounding conceited. And how do you do that? Avoid talking too much about yourself. Show her how second-date worthy you are by engaging her in a smooth conversation on anything that interests you both.

Our last dating advice for guys is to have fun. You do not have to fake anything if you are having fun. Although you know you have to make her like you enough to have a second date, do not put it into your head. Just relax and enjoy her company.